Pre-India Travels

12  hours until my flight to India and it’s safe to say that I’m feeling a whole bunch of mixed emotions I never quite knew was possible.  Such an insane mix of nerves and excitement, mystery and anxiety all circling my brain.

I’m excited for the culture shock, I’ve been trying to mentally prepare myself but I don’t think anything can fully prepare me as it’ll be such a different atmosphere to here that I won’t be able to understand it for about a week I think, or so I’ve heard.

It’s been a stressful but exciting few weeks and it’s surprising that the time is finally here, I still don’t think it’s actually quite hit me yet, because I feel as though I’m meant to be feeling a lot more nervous than I actually am, I thought I’d be a mess to be completely honest.  However, it’s going well, and I hope this somewhat calm attitude continues with me throughout the flight and my first couple of days there while I settle in.  My interest for the culture will do well enough to distract me, so it should be okay, and I’ll ensure to write about exactly how it is, as it’s something I never want to forget, and it’s something I want others to experience as well, even if it’s just through my writing.

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