Day 1 – A Taste of India

Waking up for the first time in India introduced me to the noise I would have to adjust to throughout my stay. Not a quiet minute to greet me as the constant horns of cars, rickshaws and motorbikes took over the streets. We still couldn’t understand the need for the horns so we just decided it was merely their way of communicating instead of abiding by the road rules.

Our first two hours on the streets were spent trying to read the maps and the street signs, mostly shown in another language. Finding a friend’s hotel which was supposedly 6 minutes away took us an hour and twenty minutes, it was the perfect orientation to our trip in India. However, it was also a lot of fun, filled with laughs and confusion as we attempted to navigate our way through this somewhat illogical city.

Food in this country is questionable, and given we had all just arrived, we were quite worried about trying anything too ambitious. A relatively fancy looking restaurant had us feeling confident, those who were keen tried some chicken, while the rest stuck to vegetarian dishes or strictly rice and naan. The flavours were unlike Western Indian food that we were used to, but it was better, more flavoursome and more genuine, less sweet than what we make it.

Every day we go through a number of near-death experiences when walking the streets, it makes for some fun, but also some terrifying moments. Crossings are pointless as the cars couldn’t care less if we’re trying to cross, the only way to do it is wait for a slight break to run and hope for the best. The worst case scenario is someone may just hit you but only at a slow pace, so wouldn’t be too bad I’m sure, or at least we’d like to hope.

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