Day 3 – Market Mayhem

If you’ve been to Parklea Markets you would have experienced a certain level of insanity while walking around the stalls. Picture that, but add the fact that there are cars, rickshaws and motorbikes also driving through the middle, and you can also see the occasional lost cow or cat. Despite the madness, the colours were beautiful, they filled the sides of the streets and you could see them anywhere you turned. It was difficult to not buy everything, but we had to remember we were traveling and had limited space. Money was certainly not an issue though, everything was so cheap, most of the pants were around $5 each and left us wanting so much more. 

The people here are proud of what they do and have no shame in following you around the shop in an attempt to make you buy more. The few shops we walked inside held around 6 workers each, more than enough to crowd around and watch as there was a possibility we would give them money. They’re happy to show them what else they have in store, always attempting to please us and find what we’ll buy. It’s sad to look at the bigger picture and see that they really need you to buy that skirt or shirt because that money will help to feed their family, every cent is so valuable and we hand it over as though it’s nothing to us, when it’s almost everything to them. 

My body has adjusted to the foods here, for the first 48 hours I wasn’t feeling well as eating curry so much with the proper spices is different to what we’re used to, but now I look forward to my next Indian cooked meal, excited to see what I’ll try next because it’s such excellent food and so different to what Westerners call Indian food. The sweet element is not there so much but it still contains ingredients like coconut milk and the spices we use at home like cumin and tikka masala. However it’s so different being so fresh, not store bought packet stuff that we use, the stuff that doesn’t bring out the flavour as much, here it makes the food what it is, combined with so many other things to create the ‘gravy’ rather than the sauce as we call it. 

Another trip to India will definitely be on the list, especially so that I can taste the food once again. 

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