Day 4 – Last Day Before Rural Life

The Botanic Gardens of every country should always be visited. All presented in different ways and featuring different plant life, it makes for an excellent walk around for however long you want to stay. The Lal Bagh gardens were incredible, was such a big walk that we couldn’t cover it all, but from what we saw it featured bonsai trees, frangipani trees, and some insane trees that had been shaped into people and animals. There were less people selling things this time, so there was a little less pressure on us to rush through quickly, we were able to slowly walk trough and take in each different and beautiful sight. 

Shopping and bartering are an exciting part of this country, but practice definitely makes perfect. I purchased some more baggy pants to fit in with the crowds, and to solve my lack of clothes problem. Washing some clothes in my small sink proved more difficult than I thought, and drying was even tricker, finding places to hang out to dry the clothes left my room with undies and shirts hanging randomly throughout. So the pants were to help with that issue, although shirts are the ones I keep running out of. 

Tomorrow we move into the villages, a tad more rural, with bucket showers and squat toilets for us to adjust to. It’ll be hard for the first couple of days, and certainly through other parts of the stay, but we’ll be okay and it’ll change us all in so many ways. 

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