Days 5 & 6 – The Village

Our first taste of rural life was the rickshaw ride into central Bangalore, closer to where our houses would be for the next four weeks. The difference was very noticeable, more cows were seen walking along the side of the road, adding to the smell of rubbish and faeces. The buildings were more run down, and shops were remarkably smaller in size than what we had grown accustomed to in the city. 

From there, we were put on a separate bus to make our way to the three individual villages, a bus ride that showed me that what we had seen and were living in before was nothing, we were going to experience real village life now. The street lights ended and the roads were dark, dimly lit by house lights and headlights. 

The house was exponentially better than what we had expected, thinking that it would be no more than four walls and a concrete floor. We were excited to see that we had a small living room, a shoe box size kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. One squat toilet only, with the privilege of having one western toilet and two shower heads, which didn’t actually work, but that’s India for you. 

We awoke to horns, nearby Church music, and many people around the village making any form of sound that they could. Our day started with an explore around the village that we’d be calling home for the next four weeks. Walking down the streets we were greeted with constant waves and smiles, as well as ‘hello’ in the local tongue. The people here were so friendly, and the kids weren’t capable of walking past with their huge smiles and waves without receiving it in return. The happiness in their smiles radiated throughout their whole beings and it was such an amazing thing to see, something that I’ll always carry with me no matter where I go. 

We were introduced to even more delicious food as a hired local came to our house to prepare us a home cooked, traditional Indian meal. This is a food lifestyle we can definitely grow accustomed to. 

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