Day 7 – Hitch Hiking Tractor Rides

The villages never cease to be so interesting to explore. Walking from one to another can be a long way in the intense heat of the sun, but once you get to the other side it’s easy to be thankful you got there. Each is different and the people are all just as friendly, giving warm hellos and smiles. Kids were more involved today, as they had come home from school in the afternoon as we walked through. We thought the adults had been kind and happy to welcome us, the kids were ecstatic. Yelling out ‘hi’ no matter how far away they were from you, waving and yearning for us to reciprocate. Their passion for cameras and photos was interesting to see as they gazed upon the camera intrigued, but so excited to have their picture taken and see the outcome. 

Hitch hiking was an energy saving and exciting thing to do, despite the declinations of so many, we were in luck as a truck slowed down for us, where we jumped into the back of the ute and embraced the bumpy, slow ride into town. Past town we needed to continue on, and we were lucky enough for a car to also pull over for us, a 5 seater with the driver already taking up one seat, the 7 of us piled in and we started off on an exciting but squishy 5 minute ride. 

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