Days 8 & 9 – Big Family Dinners

Sunrises on the rooftop are our favourite thing to do in this place. Feeling fresh and drinking freshly made tea, we head up to stand on the roof, watching the sun and preparing for the day. 

The 40K program keeps us busy, making our weekdays stressful and our weekends far too short to relax enough. Making three five minute videos in the space of 17 days is proving difficult but not impossible, and it’s amazing to see all the teams advancing so far on their individual projects in the villages. 

The food here is still excellent, and paired with the insanely low cost it justifies the questionable methods of preparation. It was $2 AUD for a bowl of rice, parota bread, four dipping sauces and a Pepsi. Dinner was also really nice as we sat up on our rooftop with another team over to share what our cook had prepared for us. The sunset lit evening was lovely with the presence of others and a beautiful sky.

We’ve grown accustomed to the new everyday ways of living, getting better at hand washing our clothes, while it feels clean enough though, it doesn’t quite match up to that washing machine feel. Being here and experiencing what I am has made me realise, and continues to do so, how privileged and lucky I am to live the way I do. I work reasonably hard and am rewarded greatly for that, these people work far harder with far more dedication and get so little that it’s no comparison to what I receive. The difference though, is that they’re happy with what they have, and if what they receive is enough for survival then it doesn’t matter. Too many people that I meet believe that money is the way to leading a happy life, that it may not buy happiness but that it helps you get in the shop, but after seeing the way the people of this village live, there’s no way I can believe that. Being happy comes down to the way you look at the world, and if your way of looking at the world revolves around money then I can only urge you to visit a place like this, and see that money is far from the basis of happiness. 

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