Days 10 and 11 – Top of the Villages

We had another group dinner last night. Held in Northern Bangalore we sat at the top of a rock face with four or five other teams, about 30 other people which was a nice way to debrief about the week we’d just experienced. Our first week in the villages had all been shared in different ways, and it was interesting to hear about the differentiating experiences. The sunset from our positioning was beautiful as we looked out over Bangalore, accompanied by infectious chatter and laughter, and of course that delicious Indian food we haven’t grown tired of yet. 

The next morning was the start of the weekend, our first day off since we’d started working in the villages, and such a perfect time to relax. Throughout the week I’ve been realizing how lucky I am to live the way I do in Sydney, but after experiencing a shower for the first time in a week that was insanely overdue, those feelings were quickly exaggerated. Experiencing a bedroom to myself, and a time of more than two hours alone also contributed to the perfect end to the week. 

Sunday produced a much needed sleep in and some excellent western food; blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, a definite highlight to the day. As much as I’m loving the Indian food here, some much needed Western food every now and then never goes astray. 

Shopping was next on the list for the end of our weekend; India never failing to produce beautiful hand crafted goods for insanely low prices. Despite the low costs, bartering is always a necessity, something I’m definitely improving in and the novelty never wears off. 

I was excited to go back to the village this evening, a sign that I already think of this place as home. Despite its numerous flaws and things that can only be described as ‘India being India’, it has become my home and my team have become my family, an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. 

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