Days 12 & 13 – Back to School

We worked hard for both of these days, outlined what needed to be done and made sure we smashed it all out in one go. Preparing three videos has produced the need for the collection of an immense amount of footage, causing us to go out and explore and film everything we can. Through this project we have had the pleasure of meeting several people from the village and getting to know who they are and where they’ve come from.

Despite the delicious flavours that Indian food never fails to produce, I’ve started to miss classic Western food, meat that isn’t (generally) questionable, foods that aren’t touched up with a bunch of chillies, just general Western foods that we eat at home everyday. In light of this fact, we found pasta in the city with even some sauce that we could cook and top it with, and it made for an amazing lunch, finally something that didn’t leave your mouth tingling by the end, and craving for that much needed water or cucumber to drown out the spice.

Day 13 was one of the highlights so far, with the chance of seeing a school in action and being able to interact with the some of the most excitable children I’ve ever met. I started off in their classroom, meeting the kids as they tried to tear me away from what I was doing to proudly show off their skills of writing their names, or asking me to write my signature and a small message in their workbook. From there we let them go to lunch, and as we followed on we were surprised to be offered to stay and eat as well, another delicious curry with rice to be eaten with our hands, something I still haven’t quite mastered. The best part followed from that, when the kids assembled in the sheltered area for us to teach them some english songs. Vance Joy proved a far too difficult choice.. but teaching them the macarena dance and singing along with them to ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ was so much fun and an experience I’ll always cherish.  They knew more words to the song than I did, I couldn’t remember what came after ‘clap your hands’, but they continued on for five more verses which I had to catch up to. The yells of the kids flooded the school grounds, their smiles brightening the hot day touched by sweat and exhaustion, making us forget all of that. It was incredible.



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