Days 14 & 15 – Seeing a Difference

The people here are so generous, more generous than possible for too many people in Australia that I’m ashamed to admit. We had accompanied a couple of other girls to a meeting with a nutritionist as they were trying to get information for their projects; something designed to help mothers and their babies for the first five years of life so as to stop multiple diseases and malnutrition. We were just the film crew, had nothing to do with the project itself but just wanted to film what was taking place, but we were still bought lunch afterwards. We headed down to the fancy office cafeteria and we chose what we want and it was paid for us, despite the interview being done and dusted. It should’ve been us buying them lunch, but the Indian culture is based around so much generosity that they feel the need to buy us lunch in a situation like that, and we’ll walk past parties or big dinners and be invited in to eat despite having already eaten. They care that you’ve been well fed and well treated, their love for people other than themselves is something that still amazes me everyday. 

We were finally given the opportunity to go see the 40K Plus Pods in action too. It was set out in a house, with a few of the tablets that 40K has put together to help children teach themselves English, to support the lack of teaching services that exist and the expenses of going to a private school where English is taught. There were around ten kids, and they were very excited to have seven grown up kids ready to play some games and watch them do their work. It was a beautiful thing to see, more hands on and learning oriented than government skills and it was amazing to see how well they could actually speak English to us. 

After that we came home for dinner, exhausted by the kids but all so happy about what we’d just seen and experienced, seeing that this company we’re volunteering for is actually making at least some form of a difference, in the best way possible. We’d seen it through our projects, but it was different to see kids who were capable of having a full English conversation with us compared to quite a lot who can’t, and 40K Globe’s education project has done that. 

We prepared our roof for more guests and two other teams came to join us for dinner, making for more laughs and chatter on the roof than usual. There’s something about eating dinner on the roof, in the dark, and with my hands that makes me so happy to have come on this trip, talking about our days reminds me how lucky I am to experience something like this, something so many will never be able to experience themselves. 

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