Days 22 & 23 – Wedding Crashers

Today was the day the stress hit about needing to finish our three videos in the space of six days. We had decided to head to McDonalds to do our work, the free wifi somehow didn’t work despite it being Maccas, but that’s India for you. It was good to have some actual tables and chairs to sit at though, very different to the comfort of our tiled floors at home and very thin mattresses used as floor couches. It made it easy to be productive though and progress was made, driving us all crazy due to being stuck at the computers for too many hours on end. 

To finish off the day we went to a wedding that all of the North and Central 40K teams were invited to; everyone was dressed up nicely in their finest Indian attire, a lot of formal saris around the venue worn by all. It was the last of a three day celebration so the excitement was more minimal than I expected, but it was still a cultural experience I’m very glad I could have. Photos were taken with each group of guests, including 50 of our 40K team which all managed to fit into one photograph. After the photo success we walked downstairs to the dinner, which was in itself, another Indian experience I’m very thankful to have had. Long lines of tables lined the room, each row facing each other, although too far to have a conversation so it was only those next to you that you would chat to. A group of waiters were standing amongst the front of the room, ready to serve each new table that sat down. Trays in hand, they walked up and down putting a spoonful of whatever food they were holding on each of the banana leaves that sat in front of us. The meal was delicious, and I was getting better at eating with my hands which was good considering how much we were getting stated at. It’s not your everyday Indian wedding where 50 Australians wearing formal Indian dress show up. 

It wasn’t as loud and energetic as I expected it to be but it was still an excellent cultural experience to have, which may never happen again. 

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