Days 24 & 25 – Market Day

After three week of ridiculous Indian driving, we witnessed our first collision. Something that we weren’t too prepared for as we rode in our rickshaw to go shopping, a motorbike ahead of us crashed into a policeman who was trying to tell him to slow down. He fell instantly and the other policeman ran to help him, but it was quite obvious none of them knew basic CPR skills so they had no idea what to do. They took the rickshaw that our friends were in to lie him down in the back and drive him to the hospital, legs hanging out the side and all. It was really confronting seeing how they were so unknown to basic life saving skills, especially given that road accidents would be very common with this standard of driving. 

We went to some markets the next day, a good end to our weekend. It was quite interesting to see as Bangalore City had closed down one of their very busy roads, in order to host some street markets. Filled with food, handicrafts and so many artworks, it called for a huge crowd of people walking between each of the stalls. The bridge filled with artworks was my favourite, all of the artists hold so much talent and sell their works for so little. It showed the cultural side of India as beautiful landscapes were painted, as well as faces, people, and abstract paintings were also shown. They highlighted the beauty that this country has and broadcasted it to the community, perhaps showing aspects of the culture that some people hadn’t noticed or realised. 

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