Day 29 – The Reason Behind What We Do

This was our last day in the village, with our team, and with our small little house.

Today we saw the whole reason that 40K came about. I saw the reason why helping people needs to be a part of my life, no matter whatever I choose to do.

We made our way over to the quarry, a short walk from our village. We were unsure what to expect, it was a mine, something that we’d seen before but totally unlike what we were thinking. We stood on top of the hill and looked down into the big bowl of granite, holding maybe 100 or so people chipping away. I mean chipping literally as well, a chisel and some form of hammer to push it down into the granite to take out little chunks at a time. These people are hunched over for 12 or so hours a day, chipping into this granite that sends them blind by the time they’re 50, sometimes earlier. The harsh sun reflecting back on them from the ridiculously bright granite that does so much damage to their eyes. They start at the age of 10. Wake up every morning, before the sun has risen, and come here to work. They finish that night, come home for dinner and generally drink more than they can handle to subside the pain, the pain that is so intense it barely lets them sleep. After a long night of alcohol and limited rest, they get up and do it all again, till the day they die.

40K came about because of the horrifying truth behind this quarry. My decision to ensure I’m helping people in some aspect of my life came about because of what I saw today.

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