Day 30 – Our Celebration of What Was 

We celebrated the end of our 40K month in the morning India style. After finishing the final clean up of our little house, we headed over to the big rock face we had visited a few weeks earlier. Greeted by everyone else who had just completed globe we were both excited about what lay ahead and sad that it was all coming to an end. 

The holi fight was a true Indian send off, throwing coloured powder at each other to make us all a colourful mess. The air was filled with excitement and laughter, and a cloud of rainbow fog formed as no area was untouched. Traveling home in the bus afterwards was more of an adventure, followed by each of us walking to our separate hotels, flooded with our bags and faces unrecognisable we walked through the city and received an array of strange looks. 

After showering and scrubbing the colour till we could finally see skin again, we had the job of getting dressed up in our finest Indian attire for our final dinner. 

Saris and kurtas filled the room as people turned up to the dinner, it was different to see people wearing make up and being all dressed up considering we’d all been basically dirty for the past four weeks. We watched our videos on the big screen to show everyone what we’d poured all our efforts into for the past month, before the hard drive and computer stopped working halfway through. Classic India. The way we’d learned to deal with the constant power outages and difficult technological issues was to merely say that it was India being India. We should’ve known it would happen to us on the last night, our excitement just didn’t let us think realistically about it. Instead, we danced the night away and said our final goodbyes to some, not sure if or when we’d ever actually catch up again due to all of our varying locations. It was definitely a sad ending to the month, but a month that will be one of the best of my life. 

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