Days 31 & 32 – Leaving India 

This was my last weekend in India before flying over to Vietnam. My last chances to taste the food, talk to the beautiful people, embrace the colours and see the culture. 

This was definitely one of the best months of my life, if not the best. It was undeniably exhausting in every way; physically, mentally and emotionally. The constant walking, the intense working week, and the ever occurring sights that we weren’t exactly prepared to see. It opened my eyes to the privileges I have in my own life and in the western world in general, and that I, along with most other people, take all these for granted. You can be told time and time again how lucky you are to live the way you do, that you have it better than so many and that your problems really are only ‘first world problems’, i.e. not really problems at all, but the only way anyone will ever really understand is if they do something like this. To live rurally, to live in the small apartment shared between a whole family, to experience a cold bucket shower each day and ponder the question of when we’d get power back and how long it would last. I have an understanding of it all now and even still, my experience was an upper class version of living rurally; our lounge room was separate from where we slept, our water was filtered, we had enough lights to be able to see clearly when it was night time. These are all things that can be seen as lucky to have when you’re in an area like this. 

It was definitely a difficult month, hard to adjust to the lack of things we take for granted, but I’m so glad I could experience it. Never again will I complain about my hot water running out in the shower, I’m lucky enough to have hot water, and a shower head for that matter, in the first place. 

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