Days 33 & 34 – Over to Vietnam

Day 33 of my trip, day 1 of Vietnam. I flew into Hanoi to meet Ryan, my first taste of home life in one month. We started off with the touristy spots, hitting up the beautiful Temple of Literature and taking a walk around Hoan Kiem Lake. It was a very different style of traveling from what I’ve grown accustomed to, more tourist attractions and less actual immersion into the life of Vietnam, making my days a little less exhausting. 
Already I could see similarities and total differences to what I’d experienced in India, I admired their slightly more organised version of driving and the atmosphere of the city, whilst missing India’s people and cultural life. I was expecting the people here to be similar to the Indians, with a love for life and strong caring attitude. However I was mainly greeted by people who care more about making money off you in whatever way that they can. India definitely contained a lot of these people, which I mentioned started to get to me, but from the moment I landed here you could feel their desire for something from you and that’s it. Nonetheless, I was still enjoying the company of another culture different from my own, appreciating the time and effort they clearly put into their temples and pagodas, also maintaining a level of cleanliness that India lacked. 

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