Days 35 & 36 – Ha Long Bay Day Trip

Ha Long Bay is a beautiful part of Vietnam’s coast which we had the privilege of experiencing. We took a day trip there from our hotel in Hanoi, a 2 hour bus ride, although only after the motorbike ride to catch up with the bus as they’d forgotten to pick us up. I was lucky enough to have a helmet to enjoy the motorbike ride, made it a little less life threatening as we weaved in and out of traffic on the busy highway. Being forgotten can occasionally have some good consequences, because I’m pretty happy to have experienced something like that. 

The ferry took us around the bay, showing us the beautiful islands that surrounded us. The tour guides hurried us off and on the boat to see a couple of the areas in more depth. There wasn’t much organisation to this and it was filled with the sense of impatience, as I’ve begun to notice throughout half of the culture, the other half is the complete opposite, slow about whatever they’re doing and taking little to no care in how they do it. There’s no in between with these people I’ve decided, impatient or slow, never average. 

Kayaking on the bay was a peacefully exciting experience, floating away from the fishing village and towards the islands, a mountain of greenery each one of them. The water was uninterrupted lest for the gentle strides of our oars, we were away from the traffic sounds of the city and the yelling of shop owners in the streets, just us and the water and one of Vietnam’s finest areas to visit. 

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