Days 37 & 38 – Night Markets of Hoi An

We flew into Da Nang City and caught a taxi down to Hoi An, a beautiful town on the coast of central Vietnam. Centered around a river filled with Vietnamese people trying to sell their boat trips, it made for a lovely walk around each day.

We experienced the pressure of the shop owners as we walked the streets, past shops and restaurants with those inside begging us to take a look. It gets easier to say no each time, but in the beginning it can be difficult as you can tell they clearly need something from you.

The pressure was even more intense when the night markets were on, with more around offering their pubs, offering lanterns and more boat rides for the lantern display that was occurring. Each street held the lanterns strung across the roads, lighting the town up so that it was a sight full of colour and light wherever you looked. The edges of the river contained people selling candles sitting inside paper boats that were to be sent off in the water, making even the water a display of colour and light. It was crowded with people but there was a sense of calm as everyone admired the attractive colours spread throughout the beautiful city.

This weekend was a relaxing one as we indulged in a more expensive and much fancier hotel than what we’ve previously been staying in. Our room overlooked the pool with the restaurant just next to it, a lovely place to eat your significantly sized buffet breakfast and look out to the pool and plants around. It was the first time that I’ve properly relaxed in the five weeks I’ve been away and it was well worth it.

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