Days 39 & 40 – My Son and Marble Mountain

My Son is situated some 70km from Hoi An, a setting of ancient ruins upon what the words My Son actually mean, ‘beautiful mountains’. The preservation of the ruins was unbelievable, only some having been reinforced over the past 30 years or so. Walking through and learning of the bombings that had occurred there was both interesting and heartbreaking, but beautiful to see how important it was to them to preserve it and maintain it as a part of their history. 

It was quite obvious that we had headed a bit further south as the heat went up, making our walks around town and tiring day trips that little bit unbearable. If it wasn’t for Vietnam’s beauty I’d have no problem staying in the air conditioned hotel. 

Marble Mountain was our next attraction to see as we went back up to Da Nang, where we’d be catching another flight from the next day. The mountain was up a set of ridiculous stairs made of rock, at various heights to make it that little bit more difficult as well as the intense heat that didn’t help the situation either. It was worth it as we reached the top and looked out to the city of Da Nang, seeing the ocean to our right and a sea of colourful houses on our left. The creativity in the architecture of Asian countries still stuns me and doesn’t leave me any less jealous the more I see it. Caves carrying religious figures and lit by candles and incense were also scattered throughout the mountain, another aspect of Vietnam’s beauty surrounding their religious views.

That night was some form of festival that we were unsure of, it looked like a late style Valentine’s Day, completed with red and pink hearts throughout as well as couples everywhere with their classic selfie sticks to document their evenings. It was highlighted by one of the bridges, designed as a dragon, at 9pm presenting a quick show as fire was launched from its mouth, a few times before an interval and then a few more. After the fire came a couple of bursts of water as the spectators watched on, all wondering if those watching on the bridge would’ve been wet by the little show. 

It was rewarding to see the city in its element, celebrating in their style a holiday that we still aren’t quite sure about. 

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