Days 43 & 44 – Finishing in Vietnam and Traveling to Cambodia 

A day trip to the Mekong Delta exposed us to the slightly more rural side of southern Vietnam. We were shown the creation of coconut candies, something made entirely by hand-operated machinery, very different to the solely machine created products we buy at home. We encountered a peaceful ride on a boat with a questionable outcome of reaching our destination, passing alongside the trees on a relatively narrow water canal within our wooden, rocky boat. It was exciting to see the lifestyle of those less noticed, those who aren’t living in the touristy areas and altering their lives to entertain travelers who are looking for an experience to have. This was a realistic portrayal of how their lives truly are, and it was  beautiful.

The food here has been delicious, a variety of noodles and rice dishes full of flavour, stir fried perfectly with the right combination of vegetables and meat. Though I have been missing my home cooked Indian meals from the village, this food is also pretty hard to beat and beyond worth the small amount that we pay for it.

The bus trip to Cambodia was our next mode of transport, and was surprisingly better than expected. Air conditioned bus, free wifi although broken for the trip, but that’s Asia for you, a snack from the bakery and a bottle of water each! Six long hours though, interrupted after about two to go through the most carefree border crossing I’ve seen. Our passports and visas were checked carefully, however it didn’t matter what luggage we were carrying or what we could have possibly been trying to take into the country as they didn’t bother to check. The staff at the customs desk were chatting amongst themselves as we walked through, even having left our bags on the bus and all.

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