Days 47 & 48 -Cheap Drinks, Cheap Crepes

Another six hour bus brought us further north of Cambodia, to Siem Reap. These roads were of lesser quality than the road that brought us from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh, which made for some exciting bumps towards the end of the ride, though we still survived. I’ve found that the happy hours here are merely the opening hours of the venues, and it’s making me less keen to leave this country. It’s not everywhere you can get a long island ice tea for $1.50 USD at both dinner time and breakfast time. Pub Street, a well-known tourist destination in Siem Reap featuring 50c beers in every pub or restaurant on the road was but one of the nightlife streets. The next one along had cocktail carts on the side of the road, all cocktails $1.50 USD and they make it for you right there, with a stool on the side of the road to accompany the drink.

Taking a break from the excitement of the extensive happy hours, we ventured to Angkor Wat, a beautiful collection of old temples. Despite the 38 degree weather that we’d been suffering in the past few days, we braved the big day full of walking and heat to see the well-known temples and the biggest tourist destination in Siem Reap. The four different sets of temples that our tuk tuk driver drove us to were quite beautiful and were definitely an experience that I’m glad we could enjoy, despite the constant sweat patches that both us and every other tourist was living with. We didn’t take the tour guide route, but it was still very enjoyable to look around the temples at our own pace, even without the information that they could have provided us with.

Our ending to the exhausting day was probably the most exciting part; as we walked down the nightlife filled area of Siem Reap and approached another food cart on the side of the road, although this one was selling crepes. Not just any crepes, nutella crepes, which became the best and cheapest crepes I’ve ever had in my whole life, for only $1 USD.


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