Days 49 & 50 – The Not-So Floating Village

As the title would infer, we traveled to a floating village about an hour from Siem Reap, however given it was the dry season, it was more or less a village of houses all raised on stilts. Minus these stilts, it reminded me of my home in India, the sense of community that is immediately felt, being in the presence of those who may be less well-off than others, but remain happy and keep themselves that way by cherishing their family and friends more than anything. The houses were of beautiful and bright colours, each one different from any other, each one producing their own unique beauty. We walked down this road full of houses, and even had the pleasure of taking a look inside the home of our tour guide, a small shack-type living area with a blanket for bedding and a small stove for a kitchen. Our flight out of Cambodia was the next day, and I was taking the time to appreciate every bit of colour and every bit of happiness before I left.

Our last experience of Cambodia was watching the sunset on the Tonle Sap, Cambodia’s lake leading from the floating village that we visited along with a couple of others, also home to some floating restaurants where we sat for the sunset. It was beautiful watching it from the lake, from our tables overlooking another restaurant in the distance and various boats out and about fishing. We took our slightly dodgy motor boat back to the village with the sunset creating a picturesque backdrop for our travels back along the lake. Cambodia is definitely one of my favourite countries, it’s up there with India although I’m not sure how close, as India will always have my heart.


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