Days 51 & 52 – The Modern Singapore

We said goodbye and flew to Singapore, a very different country to what I’d been staying in for the past seven weeks. It was everything India, Vietnam and Cambodia weren’t, ridiculously clean, free from outspoken sellers, and technologically advanced. The train system was the easiest I’ve ever encountered, making it a breeze for any tourist to use, something Sydney could definitely learn from. The country felt like a better version of Sydney, the¬†next software update, from Sydney to Singapore.

The tourist destinations here weren’t as cheap as what we’d experienced, there were no more $20 day trips including meals and transport, it became western prices very quickly which was certainly a shock to the system. The Gardens by the Bay topped the list of what to do, and produced a beautiful indoor conservatory of plant life from all around the world, arranged so that each country had its own section of flora.

The cleanliness has probably been my favourite part, being in places where going a day without seeing something that generally belongs in a toilet along the ground was a pleasant surprise, it was quite a nice relief. I think in my total 48 hours of being here I saw two pieces of litter on the ground, after walking throughout most of the city.

The top of the Marina Bay Sands building gave us the full view of Singapore; sitting atop the big ship on the building we looked out over the country and appreciated the view before our final flight home. The flight was of course delayed two hours, and I both dreaded and loved the idea of being back home the next day.


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