Finishing the Garden Route in Port Elizabeth

Having Emily leave meant I could make use of my Baz Bus ticket again and I arrived in Port Elizabeth at 10pm on Thursday night. I’d caught up with Sophie again and we spent Friday together, taking a walk around the very quiet area and agreeing with what we’d heard about PE, that there’s not much to do. The most exciting part of my day was probably getting my washing back giving me a clean towel and clean pyjamas, as well as clean clothes given about 80% had been considered dirty. It was definitely worth the $7 I’d spent.

It was hot, and to be honest we struggled. I’ve been quite lucky with the weather over the past three weeks traveling the garden route, with a few rainy days here and there but always giving me at least one sunny day in each different location. I’ve loved traveling the garden route and have enjoyed being able to take my time, with most travelers only giving themselves one or two weeks to complete it all, rushing through places and skipping others. Each location I’ve stopped at has been different, with a couple showing similarities but each unique enough to make it worth the visit.

Port Elizabeth was purely a transfer point for me as my flight to Johannesburg was departing there on Saturday morning. Without that, I probably wouldn’t have visited and while I’m glad I had the opportunity to do so, I wouldn’t have missed out on much.

My flight on Saturday will take me to Joburg where I’ll start a 9 day tour with Intrepid, taking me through Kruger, Mozambique and Swaziland. It’ll be camping, finally making my sleeping bag taking up prime real estate in my backpack worthwhile. I feel a combination of nerves and excitement with no real clue what I’m in for, but keen to find out soon.

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