St Lucia and a Homestay in Zululand

We were nearing the end of the tour when we arrived in St Lucia and tensions were rising. Unsurprisingly, considering there were 14 of us of all different ages and backgrounds that had been put on a bus for a week and forced to spend all our time together. It was bearable of course, and I knew that was what I was signing up for when I opted to do a group tour. However, when there was a choice of going on a boat cruise which everyone in the group was keen to go on, I happily declined and spent a couple of hours on my own in the campsite, enjoying my book and some peace and quiet for once.

We had dinner out which was a nice change although the prices daunted me at first. Having a budget while traveling long-term is difficult and it can be a struggle to spend money without stressing, not knowing how long you have until the money eventually runs out. I’ve come into this with no plans and no budget, so I just try to pick somewhat cheap foods and for the most part I’ve taken to cooking my own food in the communal kitchens within the hostels. Not usually someone to enjoy cooking I’ve found that I have enjoyed it here, giving me a taste of normal life which is always nice for a change.

On Saturday we headed to Zululand for a more traditional experience with a singer and a group of dancers and finished off the day with a home stay. I felt a little uncomfortable by this considering we were all privileged white westerners who were essentially having a look at how the other half lives. It was not something I would usually do, just something that was included in the tour. However, the family made us feel very welcome and the food was absolutely delicious which I was happy to experience.

Waking up the next morning we said goodbye to the families and got in the truck destined for Durban, our final destination.

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