A Sense of Familiarity Back in Cape Town

Arriving at the airport I was popular within the carpark, Uber drivers who must not understand the concept of Uber were waiting at the entrance to harass anyone around, asking if they needed a lift. I did things the right way and booked mine on the app, dodging them all as I walked over to the car that had been assigned to me. I had elected to stay in Green Point again, impressed by its convenience as well as its vibe, quite safe and far enough away from the city that I felt it wasn’t too busy. Driving there gave me an overwhelming sense of familiarity, while not feeling as though I was arriving back home it did feel as though I was coming back to something more comfortable. I knew exactly where I was and where we needed to go and I could remember all my favourite spots around the place despite usually being directionally challenged.

I was really happy with my hostel, Never@Home, its facilities were great, the bar was well stocked and it was ridiculously clean (although my standards may have dropped since I left home). In my 16 bed dorm each bed had a big pull out drawer for your bag as well as a powerpoint, USB socket, individual light and another little locker for any valuables. The showers were perfect pressure and temperature and provided me with space outside of the water spray to get dressed properly afterwards. I realise this is starting to sound like an advertisement for the hostel but it had just been so long since I’d had all these luxuries in one place that I’m just excited to write all about it. I opted to stay for all 5 nights that I would be in Cape Town and made friends with a few people from my dorm who I spent most of my time with.

Having done everything I wanted to do in Cape Town when I was there at the start of March I was keen to just take it easy. I had some shopping to do to prepare for the colder nights as I head further north as well as more washing (it somehow never ends) and some last minute organisation for my upcoming tour.

We hiked up Table Mountain one day, a supposed 2-hour journey that took us far longer. It was much more of a struggle than advertised giving us thousands of rock stairs to haul ourselves up rather than the relaxed walk/hike we thought we were in for. Nonetheless the view was beautiful even the second time around and I appreciated that I had new views as we walked up a different side of it. I also got to experience a proper night out on Long Street, known for its notorious pickpockets/muggers and I was proud that I made it out with all my belongings still intact.

On Saturday morning we took a walk around the Old Biscuit Mill which showcases a nice market every weekend with so many different foods to try as well. It was lovely to walk around and we really enjoyed it despite how busy it was with other people wanting to spend the start of their weekends in the same way. That night we had a picnic on Camps Bay beach to watch the sunset which was beautiful, painting a perfect backdrop to the view of the mountains sitting right next to the beach, a pair you don’t often get to see together. We had a full spread of wine and cheese, chips and dip, a Bluetooth speaker and good company, a perfect way to spend an evening in my opinion.

On Tuesday I leave for a 20 day camping tour that goes from Cape Town to Victoria Falls. Wifi will be limited if not non-existent so there may not be an update from me for a while, but assuming there’s no rain while I’m camping I can assure you I’ll have a good time enjoying what Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe have to offer me.

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