Time Off in Swakopmund

After experiencing the zebras at sunrise that morning we packed up and jumped back onto the truck, excited for the lodge in Swakopmund that we were making our way to and the beds that came with it. I had grown used to the thin mattresses and my pillow made of clothes, but nothing beats a real bed experience. Lisa and I spent the afternoon doing nothing while the weather misbehaved, utilising the wifi and sharing a bottle of wine from the comfort of our beds.

Dinner was a ‘family’ affair at a nice Italian restaurant before we said goodbye to a couple of people on our tour having chosen to finish earlier. Celebratory goodbye shots were had before we jumped back into the truck for a lift back to the B&B, thankful for the real bedroom we were in and cosy beds, despite the cold temperature and the lack of heating. I guess you can’t have it all though.

Tuesday was a free day for us to do whatever we wanted and gave us a much-needed break from driving in the truck. Half of us opted to do a quad biking ride and after a very chilled out morning we were picked up and taken there. Since being away I’ve done a few activities that have pushed me out of my comfort zone, not to mention the entire trip taking place in a whole different world to my comfort zone, but I found myself very excited for this one. After hearing the safety briefing my excitement faded just a little, replaced by just a little bit of fear until we were already riding off towards the sand dunes. It started off easy before the group split in two, one slower and one faster. I went for the faster group and while I really enjoyed myself, after an hour I felt my adrenaline had peaked and it was time to move myself to the other group to have a more relaxed ride back and to have the opportunity to admire the view as we went.

On arrival back at the B&B I got myself ready for my last shower in the en-suite, with the beautiful rain shower head and hot temperature. I didn’t want it to end. Half the group then walked down the road to a place we’d found for dinner, experiencing the eeriness of Swakopmund’s quiet streets first-hand.

Heading back we packed our bags and got ready for our early wake up, still getting to bed early enough to fit in 8 glorious hours in our cosy real bed; complete with comfortable mattress, doona and pillow.

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