Etosha National Park

It wouldn’t be Africa if I didn’t dedicate another couple of days to a national park for more game drives. We arrived at Etosha National Park in Namibia, home to four of the big five alongside too many springbok, zebras and elephants to count. We encountered those three so often that we got to the point where we didn’t feel the need to stop to watch and take any more photos.

On our afternoon game drive on the first day we saw a lot of animals and were lucky enough to see a big family of about 18 elephants playing not far from our truck, using their trunks to pick up the dirt and throw it upon themselves, creating a sky full of dust and some very dirty elephants. Jackles were also quite popular on our drives, alongside springbok and ostriches.

My best experiences over the two days at Etosha happened at the water hole that you could view from our first campsite. Just a short walk away we spent most of our free time there and encountered the same family of 18 elephants including 3 babies and 3 just a bit bigger than them, having a play in the water and inadvertently scaring away the zebras who were just trying to have a drink. They came back to visit the next day as well along with an additional family of 12 and while not everyone wanted to share, it was exciting to see all the different elephants and how they each interacted with each other and the water. We had brought our books with us but didn’t have much success when we realised we couldn’t take our eyes off the sight in front of us.

On our full day game drive on Saturday we unfortunately weren’t too lucky, putting a lot of us to sleep for small sections of the day when we couldn’t keep our eyes open to continue the search. Everyone had their heart set on seeing a lion which we weren’t lucky enough for unfortunately, but we still enjoyed our time, stopping in the evening at a new campsite, Okaukuejo for the night. The water hole there allowed us to see further than the one at our previous camp, and when we got there after dinner we saw a few rhinos walking around and two giraffes drinking from the water. We stayed for a couple of hours, a style of African TV that we just couldn’t tire of.

On Sunday we exited the park very early, waking before the sun in order to start our long drive to Windhoek. We took one last drive through the Park to test our luck, finding success with three lions, one on our way to a water hole which was quite far in the distance, and two up closer where we fought other vehicles for a front row seat. We were all amazed, cameras in action and just taking a moment to enjoy the view as the lions sat by the sunrise, enjoying their early morning without a care for any of us. It was lucky, and we were so thankful.

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