Next Stop, Botswana

We arrived in Windhoek, back in civilisation again and back to luxury, a real bed in some actual accommodation for the night. We started with a walk around town – which didn’t take all that long – learning about the history of Namibia. The buildings we were shown were quite new, displaying modern designs and giving the city a higher class vibe as opposed to the less popular areas we’d traveled through.

That night we had a big family dinner again, saying goodbye to two members and greeting a few new ones. Our lodge was way out of the city so we ate in its restaurant after indulging in showers and even a bit of exercise on its huge property.

The next day, Monday, we said goodbye to our beloved beds and the roof over our head and began our drive towards Botswana, stopping on the way at a petrol station to set up some chairs and have some sandwiches for lunch. The border process was thankfully simple and my passport was again passed around the group, everyone fascinated by the designs within it showcasing Australia’s various flora and fauna.

Upon arrival at Ghanzi we set up camp before being taken on a guided walk to learn about the San people, something that felt less authentic than I expected and again, made me feel quite uncomfortable as they showed us how they live.

Dinner was served shortly after we got back, with time for a quick shower in the doorless ‘bathroom’ beforehand. It was a process of constant chatter to Lisa in the cubicle next to me so that people would know the stalls were occupied.

The next morning was an early one as we began our long drive towards the Okavango Delta where half our group would separate to stay there for two nights and the rest of us would stay in a nearby town, Maun, and just have a day trip to the Delta.

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