En Route to Nairobi

I arrived back at Lost & Found in Stone Town on Thursday, completing my trip in Zanzibar where I’d arrived just a week before. The weather was nicer than it had been, with the sun out and limited clouds, and less rain in the air reducing the humidity which I was very thankful for having struggled the week before. I went for a walk to enjoy the sunshine, navigating my way through the alleyways in an attempt to make it to the Darajani market again. Somehow finding success I weaved my way through the stalls, this time making sure to skip the fish and meat section and head to the front area where I would find fresh dates to buy, a good snack to get me through the next few days having finished what I had leftover from the tour. I attempted to haggle but there was a fairly strong language barrier and a bit of miscommunication. I walked away with a couple hundred grams of dates which I probably overpaid for, but still found quite cheap.

I walked back through the alleyways finding my way to another food kitchen serving takeaway meals, giving me my lunch/dinner for the day for the small price of AUD $4. The alleyways were even more beautiful with the change of weather, the rare bursts of colour looking even more bright and putting a warmer emphasis on the white buildings throughout, making it a little less plain. I managed to make my way back to the hostel without the aid of Google Maps, quietly proud of myself as I realised traveling had definitely improved my sense of direction.

Friday morning was a relaxed one as I got my bag ready for my flight and went in search of a quick meal before leaving. Arriving at the airport I was a bit sad to know that my time in Zanzibar had come to an end, feeling as though I had only just flown in. The flight was uneventful and I walked out of the arrivals hall to greet the man holding a sign with my name on it, something I had organised the night before having found his details on a Tripadvisor comment a year prior. We arrived at my hostel which was less than what I had been expecting, finding myself to be the only guest in the 8 bed dorm and feeling an eerie vibe about the place. It was fine for the night and breakfast was provided which was an added bonus; french toast with banana and golden syrup. From there I headed next door to the Kenya Comfort Suites where I was to stay the night to start my third and final group tour which would take me around the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, something I had been looking forward to for a while, still not sick of the thrill that being on safari brings.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sue Banks says:

    Hi Diana,
    I am sitting in Adelaide airport lounge catching up with your blog.
    It’s been a delight to read so descriptive bringing all you read to life and giving the feeling of being on your trip with you.
    It’s been amazing to read it makes me want to jump in a plane and follow In your footsteps .
    Keep the blogs coming we are listening.
    Keep safe


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